How We Help

  The most direct and powerful way you can make a difference is by giving  a monetary donation, and you do not have to wait for the annual  campaign to give.  The process is easy, and we are willing to work with  you!  You may fill out an online form and send payment at  your convenience, download, and mail a printable version, or use our new  online donation feature.  We are also willing to work with individuals  that would like to make smaller payments over a period of time. We would  gladly send out reminders to you. Most of our donors who chose to pay  over time, have us invoice them once a quarter, that's every three  months or so, however, if this does not work for you please contact us  and we will find something that does.  

Every  Fall the United Way holds its annual campaign. You've probably seen  evidence of our efforts around town This is the time of year we really  focused our efforts on getting the community to support or organization.   Each year our campaign cabinet, a committee of community members,  determines a theme, and a monetary goal.

We  are lucky at the United Way of Fostoria to have many local companies,  both big and small, take part in our annual campaign. These companies  hold campaigns within their companies and even make it possible for  employees to use payroll deduction as an option to donate. If you would  like to involve your workplace please have someone contact us and we  will help!    


It is not only companies that donate to our campaign each year. We  have a great support system with individuals within the community.   Without the kindness and generosity of everyone involved, we would not  be able to extend our help to as many people as we have.  Please  remember no donation is too small to help!